Amount of Substance

Amount of substance is the quantity which is used to measure the Quantity of matter in any particular thing. In particular, this is the number of particles which is used to form any particular thing. Now in order to clearly understand these let’s consider an example if we take human body then this body is made with many atoms and these atoms are made with many protons and electrons and other particles, here the amount of this substance is the physical Quantity which is used to measure these things.

now in order to define this quantity, the international system of the unit says the quantity of the amount of substance is proportional to a number of particles in that body, the SI unit which is decided for this quantity is the mole. One mole of any substance represents the Avogadro number of substance. And this is Avogadro content. And in addition to this amount of substance, there is one more unit which is used pound-mole and the symbol for pound mole is lb-mol

Amount of Substance calculator

we would like to define mole as the amount of substance that will be contained with an equal number of elementary entities as there are atoms in a 12 g of the isotope carbon-12, this number is known as the Avogadro number,

Mole quantity is used very usefully when we consider chemical reactions, here we have to take the standard weight of the substance which should be as accurate as possible. Here one thing to note is that 1 mole is actually a number of particles when equal to Avogadro number then the set is said to be more of that particular thing.

One of the most important uses of this concept is seen in thermodynamics relations such as the concept of ideal gas and in addition to this, the mole concept is very useful in stoichiometric relations where we study the behavior of reacting molecules as in the law of multiple proportions.

Here one thing to note that the amount of substance is fundamental Quantity and its SI unit is a fundamental unit and in addition to this, the mole unit and quantity is used to derive many other quantities


  • one of the simplest formulae for calculation of moles is molar mass= mass/moles, here this say that the division of total mass by number of moles you can get the molar mass of the particular element or compound, here in order to find moles you can divide mass by molar mass this will give you the exact number of moles available in the particular sample.


  • If you take any of the pure substance then you take one gram of that particular pure substance then you can say that you have I mole of that substance.


  • another formula we have is total mass= moles* mass of 1 mole of substance, here if you have total mass of the particle and you have mass of 1 mole of substance then you can calculate number of moles by dividing total mass by mass of 1 mole of substance