Acres to Square Feet

Acres and square feet both the units which are used to measure area. The area is actually the 2-dimensional measurement of how much space anybody is covering. Here in this article, we will define what acres? And what is square feet and finally we will show you how to convert acres to square feet.


Acres is actually a unit to measure land area, this is used in US customary systems, and the definition of acres is that it is the 1/640 part of a square mile. In order to understand this.

Acres to Square Feet

Suppose we have an area of 1 square mile, then in order to get 1 acre of measurement we have to divide the whole area into 640 equal parts, now form the divided area if we take one part then the area which we have is one acre.

Acres is mainly used in some of the countries like the United States, the UK, Ghana, India, and Canada, here one thing to be noted, calculation of area is not accurate but we have to aim at measuring to the highest precision.

Square foot.

Square foot is another unit which is used to measure area, a square foot is a unit of area which is when one side of the area is one foot, and here we can say that one square foot area is equal to 144 square inches.

We take square foot into consideration when the measurement of land which is to be done is not much big.

The square foot is mainly taken into consideration in the measurement of area plots, the area of flats, for calculation of interior area and in addition to this, it is mainly used to real estate, architecture etc.


  • 1 ac = 43560 ft
  • 1 ft sq, = 0.0000229568