acre to square mile

Acres to square miles are the units which are used mainly to measure area. The reason why we need to have many units for the same quantity is that all units can’t be used for calculation in every situation, here in this section we will talk about an acre and square miles. First, we will talk about what is acre? And what are square miles? And then we will finally provide equation using which we you can convert acres to square miles or vice versa.

acre to square mile


  • acres is the unit of area which is mainly used to calculate land area and this is used mainly in the Us customary system,
  • acres area is equal to 1/640th of square miles, this means that if you have area equal to one square mile, and you divide this area into one 640 equal parts then the area which you will get is equal to the area of one acre.
  • Acres is also equal to 43,560 square feet.

Square miles

  • Square miles is the area unit which is based on the area calculation of square. one square mile is the area which is equal to the area of a square whose length of a side is equal to one square mile
  • Square miles is the area unit which is mainly used when we consider distance or the coverage of any organization. For example, the size scale of any country is considered in the form of square miles.
  • Square miles is the area unit which is one of the widely used area units around the world.

Conversion, given below is that equation which you can use in order to convert following into following.

  • one Acre is equal to 1/640th of a square miles
  • One square mile is equal to 640 acres.