acre to hectare

Acre and hectare is the unit of area and both these units are not based on the concept of square area, in this section we will consider what is Acre? And then what is hectare? And then finally we will provide you equation using which you can convert acres to hectare and vice versa. Before proceeding further this is to keep in mind that we need so many units for measurement of the same quantity since we need to maintain reliability while we measure things. We cannot use CM in order to measure the distance between two cities.

acre to hectare


  • Acres is the unit of area which is used in the agricultural land purpose. one acre is the unit of area which is equal to the area of the square whose length is equal to 1/640th part of square miles, this means that we have to consider an area which is equal to one square mile and then divide the area into 640 equal parts and then we need to take one piece which will be equal to one acre.  
  • Acres is a unit which is extensively used in Asian countries.


  • Hectare is the unit of area which is mainly used when we have to consider the land which is used for an agricultural purpose and in addition to this hectare has extensive use in the field where we need to show expansion of any sort of organization.


  • Hectare is the unit of area which is equal to an area of 1/100th of an area of the square kilometer, this means that if we have one square kilometer area, dividing the area by hundred will get the area equal to one hectare.


Conversion, use this equation in order to convert acres to a hectare.

  • One Hectare is the area which is equal to 2.71 acres.  
  • One acre is the area which is equal 0.404 to a hectare.